Please be aware of changes to the required kit

Posted on April 4, 2017 | Filed Under Earlier Results 

Competitors must carry any equipment specified by the organiser, (currently stated as Waterproof complete body cover (with taped seams and integrated attached hood); Hat and gloves; Map and compass suitable for navigating the course; Whistle; Emergency food) accepting that such equipment is necessary to avoid disqualification, but also accepting it is not warranted by the organiser as sufficient. It is for the competitor alone to determine what extra equipment, and sustenance are needed to safely negotiate the course in the conditions prevailing allowing for what may be a very long wait for rescue. Indeed it is for the competitor alone to decide, from experience, whether they are competent to negotiate the course safely at all in the conditions prevailing and forecast, and if they have any doubts on that they must withdraw before starting the race. They can always race elsewhere on a better day.